On the trail of Early Women photographers of New England

There’s a recording  available here of my Sept 11, 2022 talk for the Photographic Historical Society of New England.  There was a great discussion after my presentation – my presentation is only about 40 minutes […]

63x – Meet Miss C Smith – in print!

In today’s special announcement, it’s all about celebrating the publication of magazine article my husband, Chris, and I wrote about Miss C Smith, a talented woman and photographer from Lowell, Mass.

53x-Happy International Women’s Day 2020

A collage of photos by early women artisan photographers in honor of International Women’s Day 2020.

46x – A Slight Delay

There’s been an unexpected delay in getting the next Photographs, Pistols & Parasols episode together. So it won’t be posted today, August 15, as previously scheduled. But look for it no later than August 19.

31-Traveling and Photo Cars

In today’s episode, it’s all about travel … including a bit more about the 19th Century traveling photograph studios known as Photo Cars.

27x-Next episode coming October 1st

Today’s episode is just a quick announcement that due to unforeseen logistical issues, Photographs, Pistols & Parasols will be on hiatus until October 1st.