28x – Next episode coming December 1st!

Today’s episode is just a quick announcement that due to continuing logistical issues, Photographs, Pistols & Parasols will now be on hiatus until December 1st.


Due to continuing logistical issues related to moving to a new state and settling down, the rest of Season 3 will unfortunately be delayed a little longer. New episodes begin December 1st!

Thanks for your continued patience while Photographs, Pistols & Parasols takes this slightly-longer-than-anticipated hiatus.

See you back here on December 1st!

P.S. I just love this kid’s big smile for his photographer, Getrude Sayen. She’s one of the recent women whose story my husband and I have been tracking.  We’ll meet Gertrude and learn more about her here on Photographs, Pistols & Parasols, coming soon!

Smiling boy in coat with satchel. Photo by Gertrude Sayen, 1925 (Courtesy Mcintyre-Culy collection)
“Smile!” Photo by Gertrude Sayen, 1925 (Courtesy Mcintyre-Culy collection)

BTW, if you’re in Philadelphia on Oct 10th,  check out the lecture “More work for the Ladies” by Sarah J. Weatherwax, the Curator of Prints and Photographs at The Library Company of Philadelphia.  She’ll be talking about women photographers from Philadelphia, and Gertrude Sayen will be included along with many other early women photographers, both professionals and amateurs.

BTW, I’m also hoping to be able to interview Sarah for a future episode of the podcast sometime soon, as she has a lot of fascinating stories about the women photographers from Philadelphia.

As usual, stay tuned! 😉


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Hi everybody!

Welcome to Photographs, Pistols & Parasols!

I’m your host, Lee McIntyre.

Today … it turns out that it’s more involved than I’d hoped to move to and settle into a new place.

So even though I’d planned to have a new episode today, the logistics of the move are just getting in the way.

Not to worry, though, the rest of the women from Lawrence Kansas — plus a whole lot more! — is still in the works.

Rest assured that even though the podcast episodes are on hiatus right now, the research is still continuing.

For example, in just the past couple of weeks, my husband and I have been on the trail of a woman who, before she became a photographer, traveled the world with the circus as a magician’s assistant, visiting not only the US but also Asia and the South Pacific.

And then there’s the American women in Paris whose advertising proclaimed her to be the only woman photographer in Paris circa 1908.

Plus there’s a photographer who at the height of her success in the early 20th century gave it all up to become a watermelon farmer.

And then there’s all the high society connections we’re uncovering … from the woman photographer who catered to the high society set in Philadelphia in the early 20th century to the 3 sisters in St. Louis, Missouri: not only did they photograph the toast of St. Louis, they also counted among the city’s upper crust themselves.

So rest assured there’s a lot more to come here on Photographs, Pistols & Parasols.

However, new episodes unfortunately won’t resume until December 1st.

In the meantime, remember you can check out my website for late breaking updates and also the episode notes for all the previous episodes at p3photographers. net. That’s letter “p”, number “3”, photographers “dot” net.

Or you can follow Photographs, Pistols & Parasols on Facebook at facebook.com/p3photographers.

If you have any questions about the upcoming schedule or any of the women who have been profiled here on the podcast, send an email to podcast “at” p3photographers.net.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to bringing you the stories of all these fascinating early women artisan photographers.

Remember, new episodes will be back starting December 1st.

See you then!