42 – Meet Gertrude Saÿen – Part 1

In today’s episode, Sarah Weatherwax, Curator of Prints and Photographs from The Library Company in Philadelphia, introduces us to Gertrude Sayen, an early 20th century artisan photographer who specialized in artistic portraits of children.

41 – Addie and the Libby Art Studio

Transcript Go to Notes | Lifeline | Links Notes Addie Libby Rundle was a photographer in Spokane, Washington; she ran her studios from c. 1898-1929. This photo in the Washington State Archives is of a young […]

39 – The Peasleys – Part 1

In today’s episode, our quest to bring into focus the family history of the photographers behind the Peasleys Studio in Medford Orgeon uncovers many marriages, minor mysteries and even a possible murder.

37 – March Montage 2019

In today’s episode we’ll learn who the photographers were for all the photos I included in my March 8, 2019 montage in honor of International Women’s Day.

32-Narrative Nuances

Today we pay a virtual visit to the American Historical Association’s 2019 Annual Meeting, as I give you a taste of my paper from that conference, which is all about nuances found in the multi-threaded narratives of early women artisan photographers.