47 – Triumph and Tragedy in Great Bend

CDV with 2 kids (back) by Mrs. M. Gainsford (McIntyre-Culy Collection)

In today’s episode, we’re going to meet Mrs. M. Gainsford, a woman who was not only a successful photographer, but also an early entrepreneur and Kansas pioneer starting in the early 1870s.

46x – A Slight Delay

There’s been an unexpected delay in getting the next Photographs, Pistols & Parasols episode together. So it won’t be posted today, August 15, as previously scheduled. But look for it no later than August 19.

45 – A Rich Story

In today’s episode, we’re going to meet Delia B. Rich Miracle, a successful photographer from Emporia, Kansas in the late 1800s who had an intriguing encounter with a woman who became notorious as the black widow of Kansas.

44 – The Saga of Mrs. F. M. Hurd

In today’s episode, we discover the incredible story of the photographer Mrs. F.M. Hurd, and what happened to her after she closed her studio in Great Bend, Kansas.

43 – Meet Gertrude Sayen – Part 2

In today’s episode, it’s part 2 of my conversation with Sarah Weatherwax from The Library Company of Philadelphia as we continue our discussion about the wonderful early 20th century photographer, Gertrude Saÿen of Philadelphia.

42 – Meet Gertrude Saÿen – Part 1

In today’s episode, Sarah Weatherwax, Curator of Prints and Photographs from The Library Company in Philadelphia, introduces us to Gertrude Sayen, an early 20th century artisan photographer who specialized in artistic portraits of children.

41 – Addie and the Libby Art Studio

In today’s episode, we’re going to try to untangle some narrative threads as we meet Addie Libby Rundle, a prolific and talented photographer from Spokane, Washington in the early 20th century.

39 – The Peasleys – Part 1

In today’s episode, our quest to bring into focus the family history of the photographers behind the Peasleys Studio in Medford Orgeon uncovers many marriages, minor mysteries and even a possible murder.

38 – Peter Palmquist’s Prowess

In today’s episode we’re on a hunt where one photo leads to more than one story, as well as a continued appreciation of the prowess of Peter Palmquist.