100 years ago today: “So completely satisfying”

If we were to travel to Chapel Hill, NC 100 years ago today and get a copy of the Daily Tar Heel newspaper, we might not be surprised to see that Miss Katie L. Johnson […]

100 years ago: Social gatherings

Boston Globe article, Feb 21, 1924 - Excerpt 1

100 years ago today (February 21, 1924) we find a write-up of last night’s big ball in Boston that was sponsored by the British Naval and Military Veteran’s Association. One of the secretaries of the […]

100 years ago: Fire and Frost

Today we consider some snippets from a long article that appeared 100 years ago today in the Groton Times newspaper in New Hampshire, about a fire that occurred on January 31, 1924 in Littleton, New […]

On the trail of Early Women photographers of New England

There’s a recording  available here of my Sept 11, 2022 talk for the Photographic Historical Society of New England.  There was a great discussion after my presentation – my presentation is only about 40 minutes […]

Breathing life into a family legend

L-R: unidentified woman; Louise Burke, Winifred Burke (date an place unknown) (photo provided by Lee McIntyre)

Although there isn’t an early women photographer with a connection to  the photo of the 3 girls in my last post, Chris and I have uncovered some interesting information – and also a puzzle – […]

Finding “–oolittle”

Louise Hynes Burke, 1847-1887. (photo by Lee McIntyre)

Chris and I made a fun discovery this weekend. In sorting through boxes of old family memorabilia, we came across a an old small metal frame with two  19th century family photos. I remember seeing […]

A blog is born

For a variety of reasons, I’m going to retire the the Facebook Photograph, Pistols & Parasols page.